ANSI Class 2 Vest

When you want your workers to have a smooth working day at the construction site where they need to stand too high, the safety vests are a great help. These are specifically manufactured to assure that people who stand out for long can get something safe to hold on to. The term ANSI is specified with this product because it has a green signal from the American National Standards Institute for the qualities that each item provides to the user. These vests are available with two specific shades i.e. lime and orange. These two shades are chosen because of their high end visibility. Apart from this, these vests have enough pocket space so that you can keep you cell phone, construction tools, small gears and even two-way telecom that can connect you with the others in the field.  Thus, if you want to buy the ANSI Class- 2 Vest, you are on the right track. We have a stock that is crafted with premium quality and provides you best safety measures when compared with others in the industry.