Delineators(post tube)

With clear visibility, durable urethane material and cost-effective nature, Delineators prove to be the foremost choice for people who need to guide the drivers, pedestrians and motorists passing by the construction zones, repairing highways or blocked roads for safety. These work wonders when the roads are confusing, blind curves and quick lane transitions. Their unique reflective material helps people to notice these effectively during the night hours and even during the snowfall. Also, the material that is used to craft these products give them a strong and sturdy base this making it quite tough to crack or break these even after a heavy crush. So, we can say that our delineators are the winners when people compete with the facts like performance, price and maintenance. These play a vital role in avoiding deadly accidents, traffic congestions and improve the safety of all the people on road. BC Traffic Specialist makes sure that you get these MUTCD standard traffic channelization devices at amazing prices.