Custom Handicap Signs

All signs can be made in any custom shape, size, color and sheeting. With or without Back Bracing Even on 1/8" corrugated plastic (Reflective or Non-Reflective) or 3/4" Plywood with Reflective or Non-Reflective Paint background. Call for more detail.

With a universal symbol of accessibility in standard blue shade and the picture of a person on a wheelchair is known as the exact sign associated with the handicapped people. These posts need to he highly accessible to everyone and since some find it difficult to notice so, it’s important to print the universal logo on it. You will find these posts marking clearly for reserved parking spaces, drop off as well as entry zones of the public places. BC Traffic Specialist makes sure that you get such posts with the universal symbol imprinted on it in white and blue shade. Each of our product is highly durable, strong and tough for any weather condition. We ls maintain the MUTCD standards for our products so that people can have faith on our efforts and efficiency. Thus, if you want such a sign post to be properly designated at the desired place with specific sign, connect with our experts. We are always happy to help you!!!