Barricade Lights

With improvised visibility and safety for the people who work near the construction sites, these Barricade Lights work wonders. These can be considered as the perfect solution to divert the traffic near such places and keep the surrounding traffic off to other possible safe route.  These can also be called as the traffic control devices that are highly efficient, effective, portable and easy to use. The best thing about our lights is that these are exactly compliant with the Federal MUTCD standards.  This assures the quality of the product and its reliability for the long run usage. For this reason, BC Traffic Specialist brings you these barricade lights that work with the LED technology and can be easily placed on the equipment like barriers, cones, drums, panels and others. These even work with the solar charging, thus being an affordable option for you.  These automatically turn on when the sun comes down and have magnet base with super reflective casing of orange shade. These make a brighter and safer environment for the people on the road.