Standard (Rigid) Signs

All signs can be made in any custom shape, size, color and sheeting. With or without Back Bracing Even on 1/8" corrugated plastic (Reflective or Non-Reflective) or 3/4" Plywood with Reflective or Non-Reflective Paint background. Call for more detail.

Our main priority is the safety of people on road. We strive hard to take good care of public by providing complete range of standard rigid signs that are perfect to match your traffic as well as parking signage requirements. We assure high quality products that are specifically crafted to stand even the toughest weather conditions, thus helping people to get the exact direction for a safe drive. In addition to it, these signs are highly portable, flexible and are always used for controlling the emergency traffic situations. Also, our entire stock is rolled up to meet the exact requirements of MUTCD standards. We make sure that all our signs can be easily customized into any desired shape, size, sheeting and color. Thus, BC Traffic Specialist is there to maintain the safety of your roads and reduce the risk of fatal accidents by providing you these quality standard rigid signs. We promise you with a safer road experience.

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