BC Traffic Specialist believes that Arrow boards are a priceless traffic calming equipment that helps us in keeping the people safe whether they are on the drivers’ seat or just walking by the road. The best thing about these devices is that these are highly visible with the lights that shine brighter even during the darkest hour, easy to operate, high strength and durable. The lights used in these boards are LED’s that are specifically crafted to give a wide angularity to the rays, excellent visibility and brilliant energy efficient working. Also, we are proud on the high quality of our devices that assure you with extra safety measures and reliability of each product. In addition to this, these arrow boards can be easily mounted on any truck that you wish to according to the size. You can even go with the single or double side display that helps you with some more applications like the extended time lane closures, changes in the management of traffic near the mining sites, work sites, under construction highways, buildings and others.

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