Parade/Police Barricades

Barricades are not only used to control the traffic but also used to control the huge crowds in busy lanes and streets. People who have been to large parades very well know how important it is to keep these barricades at the location. These are life savers in case of stampede and let people stop from overflowing into the same direction. The parade barricades are specifically designed with step foots that act as boards and A-frame legs. These are manufactured using the highest quality plastic that give you guaranteed use for several years and help these withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Also, these are painted with white and reflective shades so that these are easily visible to the people on the road and they can understand the message directly. Some even custom stencil on these barricades to give a specific message to the people. So, these are highly recommended for the places where people gather in large numbers with some motive.