Stop/Slow Paddles

Slow & steady wins the race – and the same goes with us who drive their vehicles on the road. We need to be cautious about the routes that we choose and make sure that we read all the road traffic signs so that we can have a smooth journey. For this, BC Traffic Specialist brings you the Stop/Slow Paddles that let the driver know when to stop his vehicles and where he needs to go slow with the speed. These are perfect during the night time because it becomes tough for the driver to know about the actual road conditions and in case if these is some work going on, so a stop sign can give him an exact idea of the situation. These sign boards are crafted with special effects so that these can be highly visible even in the darkest hour and during the bad weather. Also, we assure you that each of our product matches perfectly with the MUTCD standards as your safety is our main concern.