Wrench – A perfect tool that is used to hold a tight grip and apply torque for turning the objects around. These are mainly used for fastening of bolts and nuts in machines. Their design follows the laws of physics that provides the grip and moves the nuts and bolts clock or anticlockwise, just according to the need. These are available in different sizes as well as styles. The difference lies in angles, shapes and offsets along with chromium-vanadium alloy construction. If you take the list of various kinds of Wrenches, it will go like open-end, combination, Ratchet, Lug, Torque, Box-End, Adjustable, Allen and Impact. All these work on the same principle and assure you good results with little efforts. In addition to it, these are quiet easy to use, and give a perfect attach with the target. Doesn’t matter whether you are left handed or right hand, you can use these Wrenches easily. These have flex head and jointed models which make these tools work at all required angles easily.