Balloon Lights

Make the roads safer with our balloon lights

Specialized type of luminaire, balloon lights are ideal for the night highway construction works, incident management works, and other public security works including police checkpoints. Our balloon lights offer extra-security to the accident-prone areas in the night times.

Why use our balloon lights?

Our balloon lights have a maximum lumen that can make anyone aware of the imminent danger if any. These balloon lights are made up of flame-retardant fabric that has high resistance to rain and dust. It also offers protection from electricity and wind; hence, making it ideal to be used in any high or low-risk areas. These balloons can fly up to 13ft high in the daylight. The silver reflector present in the interior part of the balloon lights can enhance the lumens below the balloons and improve the lightings to working areas. It also helps in reducing light pollution. The source of the light bulb is about 4x100 Watt LED.