“Safety needs to be your priority” – well, this is the right thing to say when you have people on the road, and they need to be directed to the safest route for their destination.  This is the reason that we use the traffic barricades that help to restrict the flow of traffic towards a specific construction zone or highway on repair. The barriers coke with ease of installation and are quickly assembled to move to different locations. The shade of these traffic restrictions tools needs to be bright and vibrant so that people can see the blockade clearly even during the night when visibility turns out too low. Thus, to be true we can say that barricades is a great way to avoid the Collison of vehicles in a busy highway road, accidents due to unknown blind curves, mishap with the pedestrians that come near the construction zones that need isolation. These fulfill the Federal MUTCD standards and give an easy identification of the potential hazards that can be dangerous to the human lives.