ANSI 107 Class E Compliant Mesh Pants

The ANSI 107 Class E compliant mesh pants are used by the people who work at the construction sites till wee hours. These mesh pants are highly durable and have great reflective visibility and are manufactured using cool mesh fabric which is light in weight and soft. These are adjusted with elastic waist that gives easy wear to the person without wasting time for other things. The best thing about these mesh pants is that these have loop and hook which allows the wearer to wear the footwear. You can consider these as the ideal option of the people who work at emergency locations, transportation areas, survey zones, landscaping zones, highways and manufacturing units. The reflective shade of the pants helps others to see the person at work. So, if you want to buy these pants for your workers, you can call us anytime or check the product list on our website. We are there to help you anytime of the day.