Message Boards (PCMS) Truck-Mount

Better alert than to be dead – this message is for all those who are either on the drivers’ seat or moving on the streets. It’s important that we stay alert and if needed we can change our travel route without any accident or mishap. For this reason, we have the message boards that play a vital role in helping people know the safest way out. These work wonders near the constriction zones, highways, low-speed roads, lanes and urban areas. The board is fixed with full matrix display that gives a highly visible message pattern with help of LED lights. The best thing about these boards is that you can change the message whenever you want without any special effort, all you need is a truck on which the board shall be mounted. So, if you want to pass real time information to the drivers and alert them for the possible hazards, these message boards are there to help you. These are among the wonderful devices that have amazingly improved the mobility and safety of people in their work zones.