ANSI Class 3 Vest

Wear a vest to protect yourself from danger

Accidents may happen at any given time, and you might not be able to protect yourself from the impact of it. Our vests are the best solutions that are available to protect you from any such accidents.

What’s different about our vests

Our Vests are made up of solid material that consists of 100 percent polyester mesh. In addition to this, our vests include an inbuilt mic that allows you to communicate with your colleagues or friends and seek for help in emergencies. Also, not to forget about the high performing reflective material that makes it unique than other products.

How to Use?

These vests are quite easy to put on as it is made in the shape of a pull-over. What you need to do is to wear it as you are putting on your shirts or pull-overs. You can also use the pockets to keep your wallets or phones.