Protecting yourself from the possible hazards while you are working on road needs to be your first priority. This is why BC Traffic Specialist brings you the road safety traffic jackets that are really very helpful in making you clearly visible on the road and safeguarding you from any possible danger. These are manufactured with versatile finish, high quality fabrics and unique methodologies that give these a different look. You can see a lot of people wearing these safety jackets near the toll roads, repairing highway sites, construction zones and traffic lights. In addition to it, you can check on the custom sizes i.e. desired length and breadth of the apparel. We are there to help you with each decision you make while buying these jackets with us. So, we can say that if you want to have optimum safety for the people that work for you, these jackets are the perfect solution. These have fluorescent shade that gives high reflectivity and visibility from long distance.