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Sirocco 400 W LED / 50,000 lm

Lighting Data

Open core area lighting requirement (.5 fc U.S.) 12,450 ft²
Very low risk area lighting requirement for safety and security(10 fc U.S.) 620 ft²
Light under the balloon (13 ft high) 25.5 fc
Maximum lumen 50,000 lm
Color temperature: daylight 6,000 K


Flame-retardant fabric
Silver internal reflector improves lumens below the balloon, increases light to the work area and reduces light pollution
Rain and dust proof material
Electrical protection fuse
Wind resistance of the balloon 62 mph



Technical Data

Light source 4 x 100 W LED
Average lamp life* 50,000 h
Efficiency 125 lm/W
LED configuration 4 x independent panels [Driver + LED]Quick and easy to replace (4 screws
Maximum power 400 W
Available voltage 100-120-230 V / 50-60 Hz
Restrike time instant
 Power supply main power or 1 kVA generator
Envelopes options multiple envelope colors, without reflector or with reverse reflector


 Dimensions and Packaging

Envelope size ø 36 in / h 24 in
P500TA stand height from 5 to 18 ft
Net weight of the balloon 15.4 lbs
PVC cylinder case
Cylinder case dimensions L 39.4 x w 10.24 in
Content: full set lighting balloon with LED (without stand), 1 user manual, 1 glove, 1 repair patch kit
Net weight without stand 22 lbs


BC SIR0334