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Sirocco S LED 120 W

Lighting Data

 Open core area lighting requirement (EN1838 standard) 700 m²
Very low risk area lighting requirement  for safety and security(EN12464-2 standard) 150 m²
Light under the balloon (2 m high) 200 lx
Colour temperature: neutral 12300 lm


Technical Data

 Lamps 12 x 10 W LED
Average lamp life 40 000 h
Efficiency 100 lm/W
Type of lamp holder 6 LED COB panels (powered by 6 drivers)
Maximum power 120 WC
Connector Crocodile clip
Available voltage min. 24 V DC / max. 48 V DC
Restrike time Instant
Autonomy* can be plugged during 4 hours on the battery of most vehicles, with no risk of being unable to restart
Power supply option battery 24 V or 48 V
Envelopes options multiple envelope colours, without reflector or with reverse reflector


Dimensions and Packaging


Envelope size ø 60 cm / h 45 cm
 P400TA stand height rom 130 cm to 410 cm
Net weight of the balloon 6.62 lb
Metallic case (integrated handle)
Case dimensions L 58 x l 30 x h 22 cm
Content: full set lighting balloon with LED (without stand), 1 user manual, 1 glove, 1 repair patch kit
Net weight without stand 11.90 lb



 Safety low voltage power supply (< 60 V DC) 24 V
Flame-retardant fabric
Silver internal reflector improving lumens below the balloon, increasing light to the work area and reduce light pollution
Rain and dust proof material IP54
Wind resistance of the balloon 80 km/h - 50 mph



BC SIR00314