Pavement Marking


 Did you know that BC traffic Specialist is your one stop shop for all of your product and equipment needs? BC Traffic also does construction, we specialize in traffic control including set up, take down and traffic plans. We also do Road Striping in both paint and thermal, parking lot striping, seal coating, highway signage, street sign installation and ADA mat installation.


We stripe roads, parking lots, and airports. Different surfaces require different striping materials, products, and application methods.

We offer multiple types of striping options that differ in reflectivity, climate conditions, application process, and temporary or permanent functionality.

We also provide:

  • Professional quotes and consultation on what types of products and services are optimal for your job
  • Surface preparation and prior marking removal
  • This includes sand, steel, or water blasting to remove previous lines as well as surface cleanup and prepping areas that might need special treatment prior to striping.


What is Thermoplastic Striping?

Thermoplastic striping for road markings is one of the most common types of BC Traffic Specialist Construction Services. The thermoplastic material consists of pigments and binders. One unique characteristic of thermoplastic striping is the use of glass bead on the material, which makes the stripes reflective and visible at night. Heated to approximately 400 degrees, this type of material is melted first and then forms durable, longer lasting lines and symbols with nighttime visibility. Thermoplastic pavement marking is ready for use almost immediately, without drying time.

What’s the Benefit of Thermoplastic Pavement Markings?

If you are looking for a road-marking method that can last for several years, thermoplastic pavement marking is indeed your very cost-effective solution based on its balance between cost and performance longevity. While traffic paint usually lasts for a year in low traffic areas, and even less in higher traffic roads, thermoplastic striping will outlast regular paint by many types. By choosing thermoplastic road and parking lot striping, you can maintain road markings in good condition for years to come, and additionally, save your road markings budget. In particular, many states require that higher-volume highways are re-striped up to three times a year with paint, but only every two years with thermoplastic markings.

Striping is a vital part of road paving job, and thermoplastic road markings are the best choice for finishing the project. The process allows for quicker striping and long lasting results. Therefore, thermoplastic striping has dominated the traffic marking industry for decades and continued to be the product of choice because of its durability, long wearing traits.

BC Traffic Specialist Our Road Markings Expertise

BC Traffic is ready and properly equipped to handle any thermoplastic road striping needs and is ready and available to handle any public or private road marking job.

We have served many municipalities  in the  State of California. Some of BC Traffic thermoplastic striping and thermoplastic pavement marking jobs include: County of L.A.  Orange ,Riverside,San Bernardino and San Diego County.

 Please check out our  projects  in  All Southern  and Central California  Cities with temporary and permanent thermoplastic striping methods.

To keep your roads free from worn-out markings and ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians, contact BC Traffic Specialist now for a free estimate of your road striping and pavement marking needs.

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