Spill Kits

Prepare for disastrous events with our spill kits

With the help of our spill kits, we have made it possible for you to prepare for any devastating situations. Our spill kits are considered to be safe and secured to use if any emergencies are arising with your house or office. These spill kits contain the best quality of products and are very much customizable as per your choice.

What it contains?

Our spill kits contain about 55 gallons of poly drums that consist of lids. It also has 100 sorbent pads that are entirely operational and worthy of using. It also has 2 booms that make your jobs more comfortable and faster. Apart from this, it also consists of 5 sacks of pillows, Goggles, gloves, disposable bags, etc. This means that you are paying the same price and getting so many products free of cost. The total weight of the spill kits ranges between 40 to 50lbs.