BC Traffic Specialist


This stencil takes the advantage of this message and helps people to know about the curb space in a specific zone like the parking lots. The small vehicles can easily identify the compact parking space and can choose the other option. These stencils are crafted with the excellent quality plastic that gives it amazing strength and durability.You can probably use this with any spray equipment, rollers or aerosol paints. We make sure that each stencil comes with that extra space so that it allows overspray. Also, the actual template that you will get comes bigger in size. These can be easily stored for future setting or repairs.

Key Features
Available sizes “ 4, 6, 8, 10 &12
Built with highest quality material for extra durability
Perfect for repetitive usage
Work even for rough and curvy surfaces
No paint absorption & easy to wash
Excellent edges for a clean and clear image