Pedestrian Barricades

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SafetyWall ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade

SafetyWall is Safer for Pedestrians!

provides continuous guidance through work zones, and seperation from the construction side of the work zone.

complies with ADA Guidelines and MUTCD 2009 Edition standards, either as a single barricade or as an interlocking, longitudinal channelizer device.

delivers the same level of pedestrian guidance as concrete or plastic barrier, but is easier to transport, install and remove. 

Ideal for Accessible Work Zones!

 SafetyWall ADA-Compliant Features:

Smooth, continuous upper surface for safer hand-trailing.

Long cane users can tap confidently. Space between bottom and ground is less than 2"; reduces potential for trapped cane tips.

Accepts pedestrian aids like warning lights and Audible Information Devices.

Retroreflective sheeting helps guide pedesrtrians safely through work zones.

Flat vertical surface (the front, as shown) eliminates obstacles, like those found in most barricades.

SafetyWall weighs only 35 lbs. and measures 74" Long, 36" high.

1 person can install an entire sidewalk of SafetyWall in minutes. No equipment required to move devices, no tools required for assembly.

Folding metal legs provide support.

Stacks neatly for easy transport and storage..

UV-stablizied high-density polyethelene plastic (HDPE) 

FHWA Acceptance Letter WZ-315

US Patent D665,689bc