Scorpion TL-2 TMA, Model A

BC Traffic Specialist

SKU: 10000-TL2-12FB

The Scorpion TMA Model A utilizes only the cartridge section providing impact protection up to 45 mph (75 km/h). It incorporates a modular design, which can be upgraded to a Model C or Model C-90 (to meet NCHRP-350, TL-3 requirements), by simply adding the strut section.

Weight 760 lbs (346 kg)
Length Travel/Storage 3' (1 m)
       Deployed 8' 8" (2.65 m)
Width 8' (2.4 5m)
Height Travel/Storage 11' (3.35 m)
       Deployed 1' (.3 m)
Tests Passed* 2-50, 2-51

BC 10000-TL2-12FB