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Sirocco LED 120 W 24 V DC

Lighting Data

Open core area lighting requirement (EN1838 standard 3 250 m² 
Very low risk area lighting requirement for safety and security(EN12464-2 standard) 650 m²
Light under the balloon (2.5 m high) 400 lx
Maximum lumen 54 000 lm
Colour temperature: warm 2 700 - 3 300 K


Flame-retardant fabric
 Silver internal reflector improving lumens below the balloon, increasing light to the work area and reduce light pollution 
Rain and dust proof material IP54
Electrical protection integrated fuse + breaker
Eyes protection Pressure sensor
Wind resistance of the balloon 100 km/h - 60 mph



Technical Data

Lamps 2 x 1 000 W HA
Average lamp life* 300 h
Efficiency 27 lm/W
Type of lamp holder R7S
Maximum power 2 000 W
Available voltage 100~240 V / 50-60 Hz
Restrike time instant
 Power supply Main power or 3 kVA generator
Envelopes options Multiple envelope colours, without reflector or with reverse reflector


 Dimensions and Packaging

 Envelope size ø 90 cm / h 60 cm
P500TA stand height from 160 to 530 cm
Net weight of the balloon 8 kg
PVC cylinder case
Cylinder case dimensions L 100 x l 26 cm
Content: full set lighting balloon (without stand),2 lamps, 1 user manual, 1 glove, 1 repair patch ki
Net weight without stand 11 kg


BC SIR0314