WANCO Compact Diesel Light Tower WLTT

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Wanco Compact Light Towers are truly unique, designed with the features our customers ask for most often. It has the tallest tower in its class, over 24 feet, and the lights can be aimed from the ground when the tower is all the way down. The compact design allows up to 18 units on a single 53-foot truck, reducing per-unit shipping cost and improving overall cost. Available with metal halide or LED lights, and a Kubota or Mitsubishi engine.


Up to 18 units on a single truck
Aim lights from the ground
Heavy gauge all-steel body
Tallest mast in class — 24½ ft (7.5 m)
Largest fuel tank in class ­— 60 gal (227 L)

Transport and Storage

Compact design takes up less space when shipped or stored
Fold-up tow bar reduces footprint when stored
Up to 18 units fit on a single 53-foot flatbed trailer
Balanced design and short height ensure the best towing experience of any light tower
Two units can be tandem towed (when allowed; towing regulations vary by region)


Compact design is easy to maneuver and deploy
Low tongue weight makes it easy to move the trailer by hand with just one person
Three outriggers and four leveling jacks provide stability when deployed
Lights can be safely adjusted from the ground, with no need to climb on equipment
Lights are aimed independently and hold their position without tools
Single winch raises and lowers the tower smoothly and easily
Dual-pulley system lifts each tower section from below, reducing the cable load by 50% and balancing the load for smooth transition up and down while using the winch
Tower rotates nearly 360 degrees, reducing the need to frequently move the trailer
Tower is the tallest available on a compact light tower
Lights operate at any height
LED lights are the brightest available on a compact light tower


All-steel, weather-resistant equipment cabinet protects controls, engine, and other components from the elements
Hinged door panel with latch provides access to controls, engine, and electronics
Lockable door latch protect components from unauthorized access
Control panel includes circuit breakers for lights and convenience outlet
Control panel features engine hour meter and LED status indicators
Convenience outlet with dedicated circuit breaker powers auxiliary equipment
Main power circuit breaker provides added protection and instant-off to prevent engine damage
Optional auto-start/stop system provides dusk-to-dawn or programmable schedule operation

Power System

Rugged industrial diesel engine paired with a premium four-pole generator
Large fuel tank extends run time between refueling
Fuel tank is the largest available on a compact light tower
Glow-plug preheat system improves cold-weather starting
Optional cold-weather package ensures starting in severe cold
Automatic engine-shutdown system protects engine from damage due to low oil pressure and high coolant temperature


Removable top panel and door, and fold-down rear panel, provide unimpeded access to engine, generator, and electrical components
All-welded structural steel frame ensures durability and long life
Durable powder-coat finish resists the elements
Sealed maintenance-free start battery
Standard trailer tires
Bolt-on fenders can be replaced if damaged