WANCO Long-Run Light Towers WLTL

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Wanco Long-Run Light Towers feature an exclusive, revolutionary design that provides more light than a metal halide light tower, but uses far less fuel. Four powerful LED light fixtures provide emulated daylight across a wide field, lighting the entire work area. With plenty of power-saving technology, including a premium-grade Perkins engine, run times exceed 225 hours before refueling. There has never been a light tower like this. 


Brighter than a metal halide light tower

Less than a third of the operating cost

225 hours or more on a single tank of fuel

Quiet operation — softer than a phone’s dial tone

“Instant on” and full brightness right away

High-Efficiency LED Lights

Full-spectrum 6500K daylight is less artificial-looking and easier on the eyes

Instant-on and immediate full intensity, no warm-up or cool-down, never any waiting

50,000-hour LED lifespan reduces maintenance, never replace a light bulb

Industrial-grade fixtures are heavy-duty, rugged and extremely durable


Auto-start/stop system turns the light tower on at dusk and off at dawn

Warning beacon flashes for low fuel and spillcontainment, and a sensor triggers engine shutdown before a containment breach can occur

Dual electric winches make deployment even easier

Cold-weather start package includes oil pan and block heater, as well as a built-in GFCI junction box

Sound attenuation further reduces noise level

Emergency-stop button for quick, manual engine shutdown

Oversized forklift channels installed under frame, all-welded construction

Off-road trailer package features a wide-stance torsion axle and 15‑inch tires to improve mobility on rough terrain